Should you listen to music while you work? Silence, or static noise has scientifically been proven to be the optimal acoustic environment to be in for prolonged concentration and problem solving. Unless your job function requires very little critical thinking, music actually decreases your ability to concentrate, especially if the song(s) contain lyrics.

But, if you are like me (and I’m betting you are) that is just one habit you simply cannot break. So, if you must drown out the sounds of your coworkers or simply cannot stand the deafening silence of nothingtune out by tuning in to music that is more conducive to productivity. That is, music that increases focus through steady, pulsating rhythms and minimal lyrics.

I’ve assembled the following playlist to achieve exactly that balance… happy listening.


Posted by Bill Grover

A creative marketing leader and self-proclaimed design-thinker, Bill specializes in branding, design, user-experience, advertising and marketing strategy, cross channel marketing, and copywriting.

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